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ZAMMAD is a multi-channel customer support system without compromising on ease of use.



Manage multi-channels tickets with ease. With ZAMMAD ticket-system your team can collaborate on tickets.


Users & Teams

There are 3 base groups of users; agents, admins, and clients.

Users can also be divided by teams representing their own department or even teams with internal and external members to the organization.



Group customers by organizations allowing your clients’ team to share support tickets.



Service levels and the respective agreements (service level agreements, SLAs) document quality pledges for IT services. SLAs are recorded and administered.


Live Chat

Integrated live-chat from within the support dashboard, allowing your team to work on tickets and man the live-chat simultaneously.


Knowledge Base

Publish your own library of FAQs, how-tos, internal SOPs, and more with the knowledge base.

Integrate with other Apps

Native integrations with apps that help you make the most of ZAMMAD bringing digitalization to your whole business despite your business size.

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Modern tools to empower efficient support teams. Your support team will be able to provide the very best support to all your clients with ZAMMAD team co-access and automation features. 

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